• Warming spices to keep out the cold!

    It’s that lovely Autumnal time of year again – time to add warming spices to cooking to help you to stay warm on the inside, increase metabolism, and help you to stay a healthy weight. Cooking with warming spices will naturally keep your gut healthy and support digestion. My favorite winter warming spices are: Cinnamon Continue reading »

  • Food Intolerance

    Do I need a Food Intolerance Test? 45% of the population suffer Food Intolerance ( Allergy UK) Symptoms of Food Intolerence can affect many aspects of health: Constipation Diarrhoea Gastritis Bloating Fatigue Weight contro; Headaches Itchy skin Head aches Water Retention Anxiety Depression Joint pain Muscle aches The good news is that simply identifying and Continue reading »

  • Are you looking for IBS treatment?

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, late Summer is associated with the EARTH element. So, as I enjoy the yellow colours of the country side, ripening fruit on hedgerows and smell the earth as fields are ploughed, I understand the wisdom of those ancient Chinese sages. In TCM the EARTH element is related to digestion, which must be Continue reading »

  • Do you feel guilty for looking after yourself?

    Do you feel guilty or selfish when you take time out or spend money on yourself?  Do you feel  that you  are on constant ‘red alert’ answering to the demands of others. Do you feel overloaded with  work or business or giving time and energy to the demands of family and friends.  The fast lives that many Continue reading »

  • Why I take Juice Plus

    I have eaten a healthy vegetarian diet for many years, however, I add in Juice Plus Premium capsules because I know I need even more natural phyto – nutrients to stay really healthy  with good energy. Like most people, and I am busy and realise that the stress of modern life, environmental toxicity and even exercise, Continue reading »

  • Time to up the exercise!

    Wow – it’s almost Summer Solstice – the days are long & I can feel my  energy is rising – so I’m making the most of all the extra day light  and getting lots of  exercise out doors….cycling- walking – running –  enjoying any out door sport is so good for us. I ‘m feeling Continue reading »

  • Summer Foods

    Asparagus – my favourite food is now abundant locally – not only is it better nutritionally  to to buy local seasonal food – it is so much better for the environment. So, make the most of the short asparagus season – it is a rich source of folic acid – so important in pregnancy and for Continue reading »

  • Feeling better for sunshine!

    Loving  blue skies and warmer days – and feeling better already for some sun exposure……really recommend that you resist slapping on the high factor sun screen before going out into sun as you will not be able to make the Vitamin D that you so desperately need after all those months of winter woollies. I am Continue reading »

  • The Sun is Shining

    Wow – the sun is shining and we are all feeing better…. freshly picked nettles infused in hot water as my early morning wake up  drink – a great source of iron – helps to balance hormones and supports liver detoxification. It also has a diuretic effect -helping with elimination of fluid and is great for  an alkalising affect. Continue reading »