Top tips for a healthy holiday

Top tips for a healthy holiday

Getting packed and ready to go!

By the time holiday time comes around, most of us are tired and exhausted.

Tying up all those ends at work and at home; leaving pets and dependant relatives, as well as packing can make going on holiday even more exhausting and stressful!

Make lists, start packing early and remember – life will go on with -out you!

Top Tip : A few drops of lavender  essential oil added to a relaxing bath, or on your pillow for that all important good night sleep.


Safe & stress free journey:

Arrive early at air port, stations  & ports.

Print off boarding passes

Checking baggage weight allowance, check hand baggage restrictions.

Wear comfy clothes /shoes

Avoid wearing metal belts/jewellery at airports

Top Tip: Bach Rescue Remedy   – take a few drops for instant stress relief


Safe sun bathing

Blue skies and sunshine is what we all need to feel healthier.

Sunshine is our best source of Vitamin D.

So enjoy some ‘safe & sensible’ sun- exposure   before slapping on the high factor sun screen.

A few minutes exposure in early morning sun or late evening sun will boost your Vitamin D levels.

Protect skin before it starts to go red – darker skins will need longer exposure to manufacture Vitamin D

Avoid strong mid day exposure by covering up or staying in the shade especially in tropical sun.

Choose natural organic sun screens with -out chemicals especially for children (check out Green People and Jason)

Top Tip: Aloe vera gel to soothe sun damaged skin.


Stay hydrated

How do you know you or your children are drinking enough water?

Make drinking water a habit – always drink water with  alcohol or coffee

Replace sweet fizzy drinks with water.

Take a Brita water bottle with a filter as alternative to expensive bottled water.

Stay hydrated with juicy water melon, tropical fruits & cucumber.

Top Tip –Check urine for colour & frequency! 

Dark colour   or small amounts of urine, constipation or head –aches are all signs that you or your children need more water.


Healthy holiday eating

Enjoy the ambiance of relaxed   al fresco eating with family & friends

Eat like the locals – savour the colours, tastes & smells of wonderful traditional seasonal   foods.

To avoid weight -gain – simply choose local fish, chicken meat dishes with lots of fresh vegetables

Choose spicy vegetarian dishes with beans & lentils if that’s what the locals eat

Limit bread & pastries if you know wheat /gluten makes you bloat.

Top tip – pack digestive enzymes  


Happy holiday tummy

Tummy bugs cause anxiety & misery for many travellers.

Pack hand sanitizer & always wash hands, after touching door handles, escalator rails

Avoid ice cream, ice cubes, salad if travelling to tropical countries.

Rest, stay in shade & stay hydrated – seek medical help if you are ill for more than 24 hours

Top tip: pack pro –biotics to boost gut immunity

Beating the bugs

Fed up with flying insects sharing your al fresco dining?

Keep the mosquitoes & biting insects away by burning a candle or oil of citronella, thyme, peppermint oil, cedar oil, patchouli, lemon eucalyptus or clove.

Use Neem as a natural plant based alternative to Deet

Eating lots of garlic will ward off those biting bugs.

Myth: Vitamin B1 has been recommended to repel insects – there is no clinical evidence.

Warning: Mosquito bites can be dangerous so if travelling to endemic areas cover up with loose cotton clothing & wear socks.

Top Tip:

Pack Tea Tree oil & immediately rub on bites to stop itching and inflammation.

Blisters/cuts and sores!

Bathe with salt in boiled water to clean.

Remember to pack multi sized plasters to cover & prevent infection.

Top tip

Pack a small bottle of colloidal silver spray – to help all wounds heal quickly