Cleanse and Detox

When diet alone is not enough – the simple art of detoxing- will transform your health and your life. Detoxification is the single most powerful tool used by natural health professionals to prevent and reverse disease. Toxins are substances that have a harmful effect… Find out more >


Optimum nutrition is not just what you eat but what you absorb! We are all born with an abundance of minerals stored within our bodies. Sadly,these minerals are depleted as our bodies are bombarded with the acids produced from the food we eat and our lifestyles . Find out more >

About Glenys

Glenys Collings brings with her a wealth of skills and knowledge following many years experience as a nurse. During that time she treated acute health problems, managed chronic diseases, specialised in asthma and supported patients with emotional problems using orthodox medicine. Find out more >

Could you be suffering from food intolerance?

Could you be suffering from food intolerance? Do you ever wonder if some foods that you eat? are making you ill? Does eating some foods make you feel uncomfortable? Indigestion Bloating Diarrhoea Constipation Offensive flatus Or do you suffer other health conditions which can also be triggered by food.? Migraine Congestion Aching joints and muscles Chronic Continue reading »

Kick start your child’s academic year

As a Granny and former GP Nurse – I believe that strong immunity and good energy is the best gift we can give our children. A healthy diet is essential to help our children achieve their potential – however, sometimes life just gets busy and what – ever our good intention it’s just not enough. Continue reading »