Alpha Stim Microcurrent Therapy

After years of trying various herbs, supplements and techniques to combat my anxiety, I was sceptical as to how effective the Alpha Stim would be.

However, after reading NICE guidance on the efficacy of the device, I reached out to Glenys and decided to take the plunge, and honestly I can’t believe how well it’s worked.

Glenys has been nothing but supportive with providing guidance on how to use the device, and the Alpha Stim itself has really helped me control my anxiety at a time (due to Covid and lockdown) when it was at its worst.

20 minutes with the device whilst meditating has become a staple of my day, and it helps put my mind at ease every time.

I’m so impressed, I’ve decided to purchase a device myself.

Would highly recommend!



I can not recommend Glenys enough. She helped me through a really hard time this year. So many symptoms to work through and changes to make and she supported me along the 6 month journey. She helped me to change my eating habits, recommended supplements and helped me choose the right test to find out what was happening to my body. It confirmed what we thought and she helped me make a plan. It was tuff but I was determined to get my health back on track. I lost three stone and nearly all my symptoms went away. Glenys helped me to believe in myself and slowly but surely I started to see massive changes. Can’t thank her enough

Jan 2018 Nicky Jones


“When I came to see Glenys I had very bad Eczema covering almost all of my body and was being treated for a skin infection with antibiotics. We quickly did a food intolerance test and discovered few hours later that I had a strong intolerance for almonds. After doing some lifestyle and diet changes, the Eczema has now cleared up and my skin is better than it ever was. I am really grateful for Glenys help and can’t recommend her enough.

Thomas Oct 17”



Another 2lbs off. 3lbs to go to have lost 42lbs since February.
I have to say with a huge help from Juice plus products.
I have so much faith in this ‘Juice Plus ‘product
July 2016

Just a a small update on my journey with Juice Plus caps.
I first started taking Juice Plus capsules about a year ago. like others I was sceptical but I felt so ill with fibromyalgia plus other things it was my last resort. About a month after I first started
my skin was starting to clear up and the pain had lessened. as I continued I noticed other things
eg more energy, less need for afternoon naps, and I felt better than I had for a long time. I had slowly changed my eating habits and gradually going to clean eating, which was helping healthwise. As of today I have lost 17lbs. it has been an up and down journey this last month as I have a sweet tooth, but having persevered with it I have found my tastes have changed and it is a lot easier to eat clean and healthy.
The effect this altogether has had on my health is amazing. I could hardly walk before and can
now walk across the road without my stick. this may not sound much but to me it is like a mile.
my hair and nails are also better. I love Juice Plus and would say to anybody to just try it. it is the best thing I have done and feel like a different person.
Linda April 2016

I started ‘Juice Plus’ on April 1st as I intended and have to admit the first week was challenging … no alcohol, sugar and coffee was a challenge and I had an awful headache for about 3 days, resisting the ice cream was tough but we resisted temptation of eating out and I cooked healthy meals each day.

It got easier from them on and my delivery of shakes and supplements had arrived … I could start doing 2 ‘Juice Plus Complete’ shakes a day.

I am determined to do 30 days without coffee, sugar and alcohol and so far I haven’t had any wheat and changed milk to rice milk although I have had a bit of yogurt and need to find a non dairy alternative.
I lost 1/2 stone in the first 2 weeks and more importantly I feel 100 times better, brighter and more positive, the sugar cravings have dramatically reduced and my skin looks better and less bloating in my face.
I am finding more time for things I enjoy.

So day 19 and I am delighted so far with progress and thank you for providing the start to my journey.
Karen 19.04.2016

What an improvement in every aspect! The skin, to start with, has calmed down so so much. It’s now at a state where I’m happy to go out in public, meet friends etc without makeup on because it barely noticeable. I’ve had so much energy and have been running every day again! The diet i’ve stuck strongly too and has made me feel fantastic and lost a couple of pounds but at least I know it’s because I’m doing the right things

……..much appreciate everything you’ve helped me with!!

Aimee Gallagher 02.09.13

I really feel so much better. My stomach has healed a great deal – I don’t ever feel pain after eating.
I want to thank you for helping me get better and for understanding what was going on. I will be forever grateful.
Thank you for everything.
All the best.
Amanda x 11.08.15

I appreciate the help you have provided so far! I am feeling much better – it is making a big difference! Rosemary Ostfeld Sep 15

The Alpha Sim has helped me sleep much better – I have been falling asleep very quickly after using it in bed in the evening and when Ii wake up in the night! I am only able to get back to sleep if I use it again – it seems to stop my mind from thinking and worrying and certainly calms my brain down! It has been invaluable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to other poor sleepers Thank you so much for suggesting I try it. Katherine Bryan Nov 2015

Hello Glenys
I wish I had seen you sooner as I feel significantly better! My digestive system felt completely different in just a few days. I feel this is mainly due to the removal of dairy products. My stomach is really settled now and I feel better for the supplements too.
Richard Twinn 15.01.16

Thank you for all your help and advice. I really enjoyed meeting you.
I am sustaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and appreciate all your guidance….
Madeleine Newman 22.01.15