Avoid  weight gain, feeling bloated & sluggish during the Festive Season!

Top Tips for a healthy festive season:

Office parties, family gatherings & celebrations with friends can play havoc with healthy intentions.

Over indulgence of party foods & alcohol   can cause bloating, indigestion, weight gain, and feeling sluggish.

So,   here’s how to stay healthy & enjoy the festive season! 

  1. Never go out feeling hungry:

Enjoy a   protein shake or fruit & vegetable smoothie   before you go out – or if you are going from office to party simply  buy  a readily available smoothie.

Smoothies   are   easy to digest & will prevent those cravings for alcohol or snacks as soon as you arrive.

  1. Choose your drinks wisely:

Drink water in between every alcoholic drink.

Choose a  healthy non – alcoholic option such as elder flower, or low sugar cocktail.

Ask your-self: do you simply ‘need a glass in your hand’  – for many people – it is simply a hand – mouth habit!

Drink mindfully – to avoid extra calories & weight gain.

  1. Choose you food wisely:

Mixing too many different food types will make digestion difficult for many people.

Bloating, indigestion, constipation & gas are all signs of poor digestion.

Avoid mixing different carbohydrates (rice, bread, pasty, potatoes)

Enjoy – plenty of vegetables, & crudities.

  1. Eat mindfully!

It can be very difficult to eat slowly & mindfully, when out socialising!

If you are anxious, nervous or even excited – you will not be digesting well .

So limit your portions to avoid bloating, & weight gain.

  1.   Fast forward!

Do you habitually over indulge & feel rubbish following day?

If this is you – make a habit of visualising the occasion before you go.

Be aware of the consequences – if you overindulge.

Feeling bloated, weight gain, &   sluggish the next day.

Visualise a plan of what you are going to drink /eat and recognise the temptations.

Have a plan before you go out!

  1. A little help?

If your digestion is not great – you may need a little help.

Alcohol, age, and stress can all deplete essential enzymes necessary for good digestion.

Consider adding in digestive enzymes to help you through the festive season