Fight off Winter Blues

Fight off Winter blues!
Are cold and darker days bringing on the Winter Blues?
Embrace the seasons and be grateful for all that winter brings.
Take time to rest, sleep longer and appreciate the warmth and comfort of home.
Relax indoors with warming colours, textures, candle light and log fires.
Nourish yourself with warming winter food flavoured with lots of herbs and spices – share with friends and family to uplift your spirit.
Also take time to appreciate the beauty of Nature – as Autumn leaves fall -the silhouette of dark branches against the fading light of dusk, flocks of roosting birds and sun set make winter time so special.
So wrap up in winter thermals, woollies, and boots – make time to enjoy fresh air and make the most of daylight hours it really will make you feel better.
Remember – now is the time to give your self the all rest and nourishment you deserve – you are worth