Why Cleanse and Detox?

  • the environment in which we live forms an ever greater challenge as our bodies struggle to adapt to chemical pollutants, processed food, electro-magnetic polution and the stress of modern life.
  • a diet consisting of processed food, refined sugars and grains,additives, preservatives and colouring all abuse the delicate working systems of our body, inhibiting the elimination of waste products.
  • many products which we use daily such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs and and cosmetic products applied to the skin produce by-products which the body cannot neutralise.
  • amalgam fillings can cause mercury toxicity leading to many symptoms of ill health.
  • water may contain residues of chlorine,fluoride, pesticides and heavy metals such as aluminium & lead which although not harmful in themselves will accumulate in our bodies over a lifetime causing inefficiency of cell metabolism.
  • the air we breath may contain exhaust fumes, industrial chemical waste, agricultural sprays, dustmite, animal dander, pollens, chemicals from cleaning products, aerosols and articifial perfumes which can effect immune systems.
  • electro-magnetic pollution from computers and mobile phones is a modern day cause of symptoms of ill health
  • modern day stress will effect the bio-chemistry within the body and for many people is the primary cause of disease.