A healthy weight is a reflection of a healthy body, mind and emotions

For many people, thoughts of weight and food pre-occupy their minds causing unhappiness and poor self esteem

For others, it is a life time of denial about the health risks of being overweight until the body shows real signs of disease.

Sometimes, it’s a feeling of losing control when sudden changes in weight occur in spite of an apparently healthy diet and exercise.

So what is the secret – how is it possible to just eat – maintain an optimum healthy weight – feel happy and just be able to get on with life…..

Well. a healthy natural regular diet is a good start – an active lifestyle and some regular exercise helps…

So why is it so difficult?

Firstly, its about eating the right diet to suit your metabolism – a few changes might make a big difference.

Secondly, if your body is overloaded with waste products from previous not so healthy lifestyle – you could be collecting those toxins in all those fat cells, especially around the middle. So a bit of support to cleanse & detox might help.

Thirdly, years of irregular eating and sugar highs may well have effected your metabolism making it difficult to lose weight even though you may be eating little.

Increasingly, ongoing stress of just ’pressure of life’ can effect hormones which can reflect in weight gain or loss. This will be worsened if you have habitually used caffeine, alcohol, sugar, nicotine or drugs to maintain your lifestyle.

So what next?

A consultation to find out the real cause of your weight problems?

Possibly some tests to identify stress levels, or hormone imbalances

A realistic personal diet to fit in with your lifestyle

Sympathetic support and understanding

Freedom from the burden of weight control and all the associated emotions.