How stressed are you?

Do you feel tired on waking or buzzing & waking early?

Do you like or crave salty snacks?

Does everything seem like an effort or are you buzzing & unable to stop?

Do you have increased sex drive or are you lacking in energy for sex?

Are you getting more irritable & unable to handle pressure?

Do you feel that you need more alcohol, cigarettes, sugary snacks to cope?

Do you get more infections or do you never get infections?

Are you feeling low or looking for highs more of the time?

Do you feel less contented with life -with not much interesting you?

Do you have digestive problems- bloating, stomach pains, cramping, food cravings?

Do you feel foggy headed & indecisive?

Do you suffer high blood pressure or feel woozy when you stand up suddenly?

Is your memory less sharp or are you more absent minded?

Do you have an afternoon energy dip?

Do you feel better after an evening meal & perk up later in the evening?

Do you feel less productive -seems to take longer to finish tasks?

Do you love your caffeine fix – chocolate, coffee & teas are a big part of your day?

If you are experiencing more than 3 of the above it is likely that you are suffering from some form of adrenal stress

When we are constantly under pressure to perform physically mentally & emotionally our body’s will strive to cope, however your body may be trying to tell you something.

If you don’t listen to your body you will develop worsening health symptoms.