Skin Health

The skin, especially the face is a true reflection of health of the whole body – physically and emotionally – a true mirror of the soul and map of life!

There is an increasing abundance of beauty products and treatments – yet for a true radiance and beauty you need to treat from the inside …..

Wrinkles – Hyaluronic Acid is included as a topical skin booster in many best selling beauty products. Taken internally, as a supplement, it works as nature’s moisturiser, plumping out skin wrinkles and giving skin a healthy tautness.

Acne – can be caused by hormonal changes, gut dysbiosis, poor elimination/constipation, excesses of hydrogenated fats , processed foods, acidity , polycystic ovaries, dietary deficiencies of zinc, B6 essential fats.

Rosacea – can be caused by lymphatic congestion, gut dysbiosis, infections, excessive use of anti- biotics, prolonged use of steroids, food allergies/sensitivities, alcohol and sugar, vitamin deficiencies, low stomach acid, alcohol and sugar. Supplementing with a blend of 3:6:9 essential fatty acids has been shown to help.

Black circles under the eyes – exhaustion- adrenal hypofunction, water retention.

Puffiness – water retention, adrenal dysfunction, food intolerance.

Palour – exhaustion, dietary deficiencies, poor digestion & absorption

Dryness – hormonal, efficiencies of essential fats.

Lines and wrinkles – emotions such as worry, fear, anger, sorrow, grief, frustration , resentment as well as joy, happiness, appreciation and gratitude will all be mapped on your face – achieving peace and inner contentment within will reflect true radiance and beauty.