Weight Management

I recognize that many people  need to lose weight and battle every day with food.

We are all aware of  health risks associated with being overweight – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, joint problems. However, I am also aware of the misery,  and low self esteem that comes with unhealthy weight. In particular, for those people who spend a lifetime yo yo dieting, struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

I recognize  the challenges of resisting the a vast choice of unhealthy food,  snacks and treats. In particular, when we are busy and stressed.

Also the wealth overwhelming and confusing information about diet and weight.

Often its the emotional eating that gets in the way: eating for comfort, reward, or just to feel better.

Added all this is the addictive eating –  cravings for sugar, chocolate,  bread often leading to binging and negative emotions.

It’s  all to common to focus on  numbers like scale weight, calories, minutes spent exercising, etc., and all of these are the wrong focus when it comes to wellness.

I aim to simplify eating and help you to feel  the benefits of enjoying natural food.