How Do I Cleanse and Detox?

Step 1.

Give your liver a break: eliminate processed food, sugar, allergenic foods, gluten, caffeine, alcohol , meat.

Step 2.

Support and stimulate your liver: vegetables, especially artichoke, avocado, beetroot, cabbage, broccoli..

Step 3.

Stimulate digestion and elimination: eat pulses, whole gain rice, lentils, seeds, nuts, root vegetables, lemon, chili, cinnamon, ginger.

Step 4.

Support kidney elimination: Drink more water and herbal tea.

Step 5.

Stimulate skin elimination: exercise to sweat, sauna, sea salt baths, dry brushing.

Step 5:

Rest, relaxation, massage.

Step 6:

Mind detox: meditation

Step 7:

Environmental cleanse: house, bedroom, office, clothes, garden

Step 8:

Nutritional and herbal supplements:

Individual cleanse and detox support supplements are recommended to support your liver, digestion and cellular cleanse.