• Christmas by a Naturopath

    Yes – I love Christmas – I love the traditions, the preparations, the feeling of good will and all the twinkling lights which lift the spirit at this dark time of year. The aroma of roasted chestnuts, cloves, cinnamon, the fresh green pine of the Christmas tree and log fires bring nostalgic feelings of festive Continue reading »

  • Seasonal Changes by a Naturopath

    As darkness falls and the days become shorter, many people feel low in energy and low in mood. Remember that in Nature, Autumn begins the time of hibernation and sleep. For health and wellbeing, it’s important to listen to our bodies and embrace the seasons. I look for home comforts and warming food. Seasonal autumnal Continue reading »

  • Seasonal Changes –by a Naturopath

    Well –the summer just goes on …sunny days and starry nights make me just want to hold on to the lingering days of summer. The purple, red, russet, orange and yellow flowers which fill the garden are at their best while apples pears and berries ripen on the trees and hedgerows. Nature is providing us Continue reading »

  • New Year by a Naturopath

    Wow – New Year is even more exciting this year as it’s a ‘Blue Moon’ – the second full moon this month! Christmas, for me this year, has been lovely but particularly busy – and I’m choosing to spend a quiet New Years Eve with my favourite food, drink, a special person and log fire… Continue reading »

  • A Day In My Life…

    Well, I’m old enough & wise enough to realise that life is not a ‘bed of roses’ – having lived through the idealism of youth- the experience of raw foodism in the 80’s and subsequent vegetarianism – I now recognise that healthy eating depends on recognising one’s own genetic constitution and providing nutrition which supports Continue reading »