• Late Summer

    As we approach late summer –it is no surprise to me that in Traditional Chinese Medicine – this time of year is associated with the earth energy, the colour yellow, sweetness, singing, transformation and digestion. As yellow fields are harvested and later the earthy small of freshly ploughed soil fills the air, we are reminded Continue reading »

  • My Sleep by a Naturopath

    Sleep for many people comes naturally – for others including myself, sleep can be a challenge. Often disturbed sleep can be blamed on external factors – babies, children, worrying about the whereabouts & safety of teenagers, the neighbours, snoring partners, the cat, dog, birds and anything that goes bump in the night. Even when all Continue reading »

  • July!

    How quickly the summer passes –already the blossoms of a few weeks ago have gone to seed and hips, haws, sloes, elderberries and black berries are adorning the hedgerows in readiness for ripening in the late summer sun. The fields are abundant with golden wheat, barley, oats and rape- soon to be harvested. How essential Continue reading »

  • Summer by a Naturopath

    Longer days, warmer temperatures, blue skies, flowers and green countrside fill me with energy and joy. It is no surprise that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Summer is associated with the Heart energy, the emotions of joy, sounds of laughter, growth and heat. It’s time to energise and enjoy the abundance of seaonal fruit and vegetables, Continue reading »

  • Easter 2010…. .. …..by a Naturopath

    As a Naturopath, my connection with the seasons and Nature is very close to my heart and essential to my wellbeing. The extreme Winter has delayed the onset of Spring to coincide perfectly with Easter. So the death of Winter and emergence of New Life relates so closely with the death of Christ and the Continue reading »

  • Hay-fever……. by a Naturopath

    The emergence of Spring with flowers, tree blossom, green shoots and singing birds will I’m sure uplift the spirit and bring joy to all. However, for some (including myself) it can also bring sneezes, itchy eyes and a runny nose. Determined to treat these symptoms naturally and resist OTC anti- histamines and nasal steroid sprays Continue reading »

  • Successfully fighting a virus naturally – by a Naturopath!

    – it’s that familiar feeling of slightly aching glands, shivers, sneezes and feeling tired that makes me aware of an imminent ‘cold wind invasion’ as they say inTraditional Chinese Medicine, especially when associated with runny nose and white coated tongue…… so determined to fight the invasion – I start taking 1000mg Vit C 2 hourly Continue reading »

  • Running by a Naturopath

    Well, running has always been an important part of my life. I always enjoyed sports at school but like many people did not really continue after I had left. It was around 30 that I felt the need to get fit and regain my body after pregnancies and breast feeding. It was a real challenge Continue reading »

  • Is the winter over……

    Well, I know it’s not exactly spring but the days are getting longer, and I can feel the energy rising. It’s great to be running again after all that snow. There’s an awful lot of water around but according to Traditional Chinese Medicine winter is associated with water, cold, the colour black and the kidney Continue reading »

  • Health of a Naturopath

    As a Naturopath I believe that physical or emotional symptoms are our body’s way of telling us to make some changes. So when I suffered epigastric pain with loss of appetite & disturbed sleep five days ago, I knew I had to make some changes. I realised that this was due to a little festive Continue reading »