• New Year by a Naturopath

    Well, like most people the seasonal festivities have left me feeling a little lethargic and heavier, made worse by recent foot surgery which made all exercise difficult. I do not normally recommend detoxification until the spring when we naturally feel our energy rising with changing seasons. For most people, the winter is a time rest Continue reading »

  • New Year – by a Naturopath

    The New Year brings longer days, melted snow and soon there will be snowdrops – so much to look forward to….. Yet the challenges of ill health, financial insecurity, relationship breakdown, bereavement, fear of loss and separation can hit us all. So I urge you to make three resolutions to bring you happiness and joy Continue reading »

  • Keeping warm by a Naturopath

    Keeping warm in winter is a challenge for many, including myself. In Traditional Chinese Medicine this may be considered a deficiency of kidney yang and in western medicine a possible symptom of adrenal deficiency – no surprise that the adrenals glands are sitting just above the kidneys! So how does one ‘tonify yang ‘ and Continue reading »

  • Life in the fast lane

    As a Naturopath living in the modern world – I am as vulnerable to the stress of a busy life as all those who come to see me for advice. However, I am very aware of the warning signs and for me this is always digestion, sleep – and bit of emotional instability. For others Continue reading »

  • Changing seasons

    I hope you are feeling energised by holidays, the light and warmth of summer, and are looking forward to the new season. Although, the days are becoming shorter and darker – I urge you to appreciate all that nature brings…… abundance of fruit, berries and vegetables to provide you with all the nutrients you need Continue reading »

  • Spring by a Naturopath

    Spring has finally emerged – and as we all struggle with stress and anxieties of everyday life – it is uplifting to experience the reassuring cycle of Nature. For me, it’s the seeing the daffodils, green shoots, blossom, hearing the birds sing and the smell of newly mown grass that lift my spirit and connect Continue reading »

  • Hay Fever by a Naturopath….

    It’s Spring again – although I adore sunshine, flowers and blossom – it also brings Hay Fever with itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing. Enjoying life out- doors is essential to my well being, so the usual advice about closing windows and staying indoors is not an option – neither is taking anti – histamines Continue reading »

  • Toxicity – by Naturopath

    My recent research in Australia has made me even more aware of the impact of environmental chemicals on health. In fact, I believe that environmental chemicals are a major cause of obesity & disease in 21st Century. There has been an unprecedented rise in man -made chemicals over the last 30 years which are being Continue reading »

  • Darker days by a Naturopath

    For many people the onset of darker days, cloudy skies and cold bring doom and gloom. I urge you to embrace the seasons and be grateful for all that winter brings. Take time to rest, sleep longer and appreciate the warmth and comfort of home. Relax with warming colours, textures, candle light and log fires. Continue reading »

  • Bereavement by a Naturopath

    Loss of loved ones is of course so sad, especially if unexpected or before life has truly blossomed. So take time to grieve and let those tears wash away the pain – it’s healthy and better than suppressing your emotions… Personally, I find it helps to recall all those special moments shared – the fun, Continue reading »