Boost your mood

Eat happy foods – foods containing amino acids which are needed for production of brain chemicals which give you good feelings of comfort and satisfaction – so ensure good sources of protein such as eggs, cheese, meat, fish, chicken.

Eat breakfast with some wholemeal grains and protein – really important to give you energy and eliminate cravings for quick fixes of caffeine, sugar or nicotine.

Stop, eat and chew your food – eat regularly with small mid morning & mid afternoon snacks of carbohydrate with some protein such as fruit with nuts or seeds.

Make sleep a top priority – have high carbohydrate low animal protein dinner. Eliminate all TV and computers from bedroom. Ensure a wind down relaxation time before bed time. Soak in warm bath with Epsom salts and lavender or chamomile oil to relax. Have a milky drink or herbal tea containing chamomile or vervain.

Maintain comfortable bed room temperature and choose comfortable bedding.

Exercise – aim to get some daily physical exercise and natural day light – take a lunch time walk even if the weather is not great – just wrap up – you will feel energised and happier!!! Avoid excessive exercise in the evening – it may affect your sleep and just remember it’s ok to slow down on cold dark winter evenings –time to snuggle up!

Warmth– savour all those winter warming spices – cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cayenne. Use these spices readily in cooking to warm – the aroma of warming spices in your home will simply uplift. Surround yourself with the wonderful soft and warming textures of winter both in your clothes and in your home.

Colour- colour can really influence the way we feel – so be aware of winter colours. Start by swopping some of your drab grey and black for a slash of red or rich purple or bright pink – even some bright underwear could give your day a better start! Bring colour into your home with some red throw’s, cushions and candles. Decorate with some red flowers and plant some winter flowering red cyclamen to brighten your doorstep.

Laughter and fun – laughter is really good medicine so plan so watch a comedy – arrange to do something that is fun & playful – bring out the child in you – its fun…

Positive thinking – take a few moments every day to write down at least 3 small things for which you are grateful and appreciative and make you feel good – tomorrow you will have more.