Boost your immunity!

Eat a varied diet including lots of natural cereals, vegetables, fruit, cereals and good quality protein. Enjoy warm seasonal food and make it as colourful as possible, using coloured root & green vegetables nuts, seeds and fruit.

Sleep is essential for repair and energy. Don’t be fooled by bright lights and a 24 hour lifestyle – learn to wind down and relax using warm baths, music and meditation.

Sunshine and fresh air – some time spent connecting with nature and in daylight will lift your mood and boost immunity – wrap up and keep warm.

Fun – laughter will lift your spirits and keep you well – make sure you fit some fun into your life

Exercise – listen to your body – what does it need –a gentle stretch, a brisk walk, a competitive sport, some dancing, a strenuous work out, or may be some gentle meditative exercise – do what is right for you and what you enjoy.

Love – give yourself all the love you deserve – and share your love with all those around you.

Relaxation – take time to stop, breath and relax at moments during your busy day – stretch your eyes and look into the distance.

Supplements –

  • Vitamin C is an incredible anti-viral agent and research has shown that vitamin C supplements can ease the symptoms of colds and flu. Viruses can’t survive in a bloodstream saturated with vitamin C, so take 2-3g of vitamin C three times a day. Alternatively, mix 6g of vitamin C powder in fruit juice diluted with water and drink throughout the day.
  • Zinc for sore throats – you can suck a zinc tablet rather than swallowing it straight away. If you think you are feeling better, wait a day before reducing your vitamin C supplement to 1g three times a day. Once you have been well for a few days, go back to your normal eating and supplement programme.
  • Echinacea is an anti- inflammatory and anti viral – it balances the on the immune system preventing overreaction and is scientificallly proven to be effective and safe.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you.