• Are sugar cravings sabotaging your weight?

    Eating less sugar is your number one health benefit! Is your ‘sweet tooth’ playing havoc with your New Year resolutions? Are you   are trying to lose weight or have a ’dry January’? It’s probably that   quick sugar fix or alcohol cravings that test your will power! So why is sugar so bad for us? Simply, Continue reading »

  • Could you be suffering from food intolerance?

    Could you be suffering from food intolerance? Do you ever wonder if some foods that you eat? are making you ill? Does eating some foods make you feel uncomfortable? Indigestion Bloating Diarrhoea Constipation Offensive flatus Or do you suffer other health conditions which can also be triggered by food.? Migraine Congestion Aching joints and muscles Chronic Continue reading »

  • Kick start your child’s academic year

    As a Granny and former GP Nurse – I believe that strong immunity and good energy is the best gift we can give our children. A healthy diet is essential to help our children achieve their potential – however, sometimes life just gets busy and what – ever our good intention it’s just not enough. Continue reading »

  • Is your holiday going to make you ill?

    Top tips to avoid  holiday illness! Getting packed and ready to go! By the time holiday time comes around, most of us are tired and exhausted. Tying up all those ends at work and at home; leaving pets and dependant relatives, as well as packing can make going on holiday even more exhausting and stressful! Continue reading »

  • Fight off Winter Blues

    Fight off Winter blues! Are cold and darker days bringing on the Winter Blues? Embrace the seasons and be grateful for all that winter brings. Take time to rest, sleep longer and appreciate the warmth and comfort of home. Relax indoors with warming colours, textures, candle light and log fires. Nourish yourself with warming winter Continue reading »

  • Warming spices to keep out the cold!

    It’s that lovely Autumnal time of year again – time to add warming spices to cooking to help you to stay warm on the inside, increase metabolism, and help you to stay a healthy weight. Cooking with warming spices will naturally keep your gut healthy and support digestion. My favorite winter warming spices are: Cinnamon Continue reading »

  • Food Intolerance

    Do I need a Food Intolerance Test? 45% of the population suffer Food Intolerance ( Allergy UK) Symptoms of Food Intolerence can affect many aspects of health: Constipation Diarrhoea Gastritis Bloating Fatigue Weight contro; Headaches Itchy skin Head aches Water Retention Anxiety Depression Joint pain Muscle aches The good news is that simply identifying and Continue reading »

  • Are you looking for IBS treatment?

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, late Summer is associated with the EARTH element. So, as I enjoy the yellow colours of the country side, ripening fruit on hedgerows and smell the earth as fields are ploughed, I understand the wisdom of those ancient Chinese sages. In TCM the EARTH element is related to digestion, which must be Continue reading »