Tired of feeling tired all the time

Feeling ‘tired all the time’ is one of the most common problems seen by doctors, and can of course be a symptom of serious illness.
However, more often blood tests will come back normal, with assumptions that being a busy Mum, just working hard or simply getting older will inevitably make you ‘tired all the time’!
Just having the energy to get up in the morning, get through the day can be a challenge for many people.
How dependant have we become on the early morning coffee, strong cup of tea or high sugar breakfast to kick start the day.
Only to set up a cycle of sugar, caffeine or chocolate craving with energy dips throughout the day.
Often making it difficult to wind down in the evening without the habitual glass of wine, beer at the pub, even cannabis or prescribed drugs.
Commonly, people may have a late evening energy burst – leading to lack of sleep, waking during the night and then falling into a deep sleep when it is time to get up.
Making some simple changes to ensure quality sleep will have significant benefits on how you feel and make it easier to make healthy choices.
So, it is really important to break the cycle & focus on getting a good night sleep. Good sleep depends on what you do during the day – not just before you go to bed.
Eating regular healthy meals, moderate exercise, exposure to daylight and simply ‘breathing’ deeply will all help to balance stress hormones and help sleep.
• Start with a protein packed breakfast – eggs, bacon, whole grain bread, oats, nuts, seeds, milk (dairy or alternative)
• Aim to replace coffee & tea with herbal tea or natural coffee
• Or enjoy your favourite coffee/tea after breakfast and before 12 noon.
• Make stopping for lunch a habit – get away from work, sit down, eat slowly & mindfully.
• Always include protein & vegetables, avoid excess bread.
• Get some natural day light especially at mid- day – really important in winter.
• Avoid the late afternoon energy dip & sugar cravings with protein snack – nut/seed/fruit bar.
Whether you are a busy Mum with children after school or struggling with the daily commute home, early evenings can be a challenge.
• Plan meals and aim to eat as early as possible.
• Also make sure that you are relaxed when eating – breathe, drop shoulders, eat slowly, and enjoy!
• Establish a regular bed time
• Avoid stimulating television
• Limit late evening screen time
• Make herbal sleep blend teas – chamomile, vervain or milky drink a bed time habit.
• Make sure bedroom is dark without devices.
• Take a relaxing bath with lavender & Dead Sea Salt
• Relax with music, reading or creative activity.

Making some simple changes will not just help you to have more energy but also change the direction of your future health.
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